Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday August 29th

Here are the pic's from my morning walk in Chicago before my camera battery died!

Wells Street Bridge with a construction Barge underneath.

An alert bell from the same bridge! Look at the details in the iron-work!

The Wells Street Bridge was built in 1922 and this is the rusted crossing arm that looks like it has been painted 100 times sine 1922.

The entrance to the Chicago Tribune Building built 1922 -1925.

My favorite - Marina City completed in 1964

I am home and it is wonderful to be back and to just be!
Man my bed felt so very good last night.

I walked in yesterday and crashed hard on my couch. I just wanted to lie down for a few moments and I woke up several hours later! (Pretty much just in time for Obama’s speech!) The reality of the situation, I am as tired as I think I am. Well I guess that a half a day of being stupid was not a bad thing.

I have loads to do and I now have some time to get it done. The list is long and I am looking forward to not being so hassled with deadlines so that I can actually get some REAL WORK done. BRING IT ON!

When I sleep the sleep of the really tired and I wake in the same position that I fell asleep in I have really amazing dreams. These have that filled me with many things to consider!

It takes courage to grieve

There are those times in our lives that define us; our lives, our paths and most importantly define us as human beings. I have discovered that in order to move forward and grow as a person in any real substantive way that facing the full measure of our grief, our losses, our setbacks, our challenges and our mountains is the meaning of that definition. It takes so much courage to look everything full on and own it all, let it wash over you, envelope you and let you move forward in life on a path that lets you grow into a better person. Isn’t that is the purpose for being here? The path can be a very lonely one and a hard one but once that journey has been embarked upon the way becomes clear, and with each moment breath is easier and it fills the lungs and the soul with new optimism.

In love there are no transgressions beyond forgiveness

In true love that is just the fact. I find it amazing that true love can be so deep and so enveloping that the possibility of forgiveness can be limitless. Well, that is the way that it is supposed to be. People err and people make mistakes and in the end if it is the true love that is professed; then all can be resolved. Again, it takes so much courage to love like that, to look beyond and see within, to give everything lay your heart on the line for that which you love.

The response is how you know the truth of a love professed. In the end you get to see how real it all actually was!

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