Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday August 30th.

The first eight months of this year have passed! 2008 continues to be an interesting year. None if it is what I had ever considered. Fall is right around the corner. All of the students are back in at the UofA and the city has an entirely different feeling. It is a strange and interesting phenomena that happens each spring and each fall.

I had a great night last night. When I was in Philly I ran into a fellow Tucsonan that I had lost contact with. Bronwen Heilman is a fantastic bead artist that is also a badass bass player in a local band, Ghost Cow. I went to go hear them play at the Hut and I had a fantastic time. After their set was complete Bronwen and I started talking and then we started brainstorming a bit and are planning on coming up with a class that we can teach together. Think of it….a glass worker and a metal-smith and a class that will incorporate different aspects of each technique. We both think it will be an outstanding series of classes and we are really getting excited about the idea.

If any of you have ideas about what you would want in a class like that email me and let me know! (anne@annemitchell dot net)

I had not realized how sore my body was until I placed myself under the magical hands of Carlysle for 2 hours today. I lay down for my 90 minutes massage and when she let me get up it was 2 hours later. We both came to the conclusion that I was still feeling the after affects of my car accident. My body was so sore and tender from all the standing on hard concrete floors; sleeping in crappy beds and sitting in cramped airline seats like a sardine! It is good to be home.

I went to go see Bottle Shock this afternoon and I recommend it highly. It is the story of the rise of the California Wineries in a blind tasting against the French Wine Elitists. A worthy viewing!

As we left the cinema we were greeted by the most amazing sunset and a heavy monsoon. (My first since I got home.) As always, the rains were so beautiful, so cleansing and so intense. The walls of water surrounded by the intense red of what I call “God Light” Those shafts of light that burst through clouds and remind you of your own existence and the grandeur that is around you always.

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