Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday August 10th.

How remiss I have been over the last 2 days. That’s what happens when 2 of the most awesome people come to town for a visit. We have been busy having fun working, relaxing, laughing, being very silly and just generally enjoying ourselves. I am sorry to say that my dear Stacey could not make the journey to join us in our party.

The gals got in a bit late on Thursday due to some thunder, lightening and rain that the monsoons decided to greet them with. It was quite a display of lightning and thunder to experience while landing. After getting to the house safe and sound we spent the evening talking and having some excellent Mexican dinner and just got caught up.

We got to greet the day with a brisk morning swim and then it was onto a fantastic day I where I got my introduction to the Bronze clay. What an fascinating medium, harder to work with and easier all at the same time. More forgiving time wise, but a but fussier in other aspects. Cris and Gail have made truly excellent stuff. It has been so relaxing, being creative and laughing till our sides hurt. We had a surprise guest join our party this weekend, Bria decided that she would love to learn how to make cool stuff as well and I have to say that she took to it like a duck to water.

It takes nine hours to fire the Bronze Clay. I have never had to be this patient for a piece that I have worked on in my life. I cannot begin to understand how a class for this could ever be taught in a show setting. The instructor would have to have at least 4 to 6 kilns in order to fire a standard classes pieces for the required nine hours. Yeesh, I think it would take more patience to put al of that together than I have. I am sure someone will figure out a way to make it all happen.

After a full day of clay, we grilled steaks, ate outside, drank wine, and watched the sun set over the western mountains. Each of us was rather excited to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. These ceremonies were with out a doubt the most amazing live spectacle I have ever witnessed. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to have witnessed it live. 15,000 people preformed for the world. A nation that has 1/5 of the world’s population gave the world a show that I will never forget! Thank You!

Well we woke up and realized that we were so ready for bed at 2am on Friday night / Saturday morning we forgot tot load the kiln with the first batch of Bronze. So we still have to wait nine hours before we get to see our creations. So, after a bracing water battle in the morning the rest of today was more Bronze for Gail and Cris and I moved on to PMC. I have to finish up an article this weekend and thought that this would be a great to get that done while getting some input from the gals. I value their opinion and just having a new pair of eyes on something is always a good thing.

We had the Olympics on all day in anticipation of some very exciting highlights. Michael Phelps won his opening bid for 8 gold metals. So swimming, beach volleyball, fencing, bike racing, gymnastics and everything else that was being contested we were either listening to or avidly watching like excited little kids.

The firing was done at 7pm can you believe that??? We ate dinner while we gazed at our really cool stuff and tumbled and burnished and were all really stoked about the pieces. Fine stuff this Bronze, has lots of possibilities. As Cris quite simply put it, this stuff takes so long; I am really considering getting a second kiln. Now that is dedication.

We have stayed up late every evening, working and laughing. I am pleased to say that my insomniac Cris is actually asleep and at 8:30. I look forward to another day of fun and I cannot say how much I have LOVED having them here. I wish that I lived closer to these two, they do not leave till tomorrow and I miss them already.

Here are the working gals

Cris and Gail

Then we decided to all take pictures of each other

Ahh, Michael Phelps!!!!!!!

A gathering of great minds, all right here!!!

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