Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday August 26th

If I had to define a perfect day of relaxation and pure enjoyment it was today. I got to spend the whole day with Scott & Elizabeth Bartky and I could not have asked for anything more wonderful.

I got up early and walked along the river this morning with a hot cup of coffee and remembered how much I have always loved this city. I needed a day or two here to reclaim it as a personal treasured spot. I have loved coming here since I was a child and I remember perfectly the first time I went to the museums and I walked the streets.

The rest of the day was a wonderful as the morning. I had perfectly prepared Bartky French Toast, a walk along the lake in the warm sun with a cool easterly breeze and a great deal of excellent people watching. We spent the afternoon just sitting, relaxing and talking about anything and everything.

The only way that I can describe this beautiful couple is that when you look at them and you see the way that they treat each other with care, integrity, honesty and trust the only thing that you can say is…”yes, that is the way it is supposed to be and they are meant to be!”

We dropped off Scott for his appointment and Elizabeth and I went out for burgers at Blackies, which according to Scott has the best burgers in Chicago. It was nice to spend some one on one time with Elizabeth. It is something that we have never really had other than before or after a class.

Thank you both for a most excellent day!

I got back in time to watch Hillary’s speech this evening! I was blown away by her passion, her heartfelt believe in her causes and the fact that she so desperately wants the Democratic party to come together, work as a cohesive unit and reclaim the hopes and liberties that have been destroyed over the last 8 years. I pray that we get this one right and that we can unify to take back our country and regain our freedoms that have been stolen from us little by little and with destructive thought and purpose during this administration. Thank you Hillary for igniting the convention and showing us the possibilities that we need to fight for! If you missed it…listen and believe in the possible!

Hillary's Speech

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