Sunday, August 31, 2008

I stare and listen in bemused, resigned amazement!

I am sorry, please bear with my anger and ranting!

Gustav on it's way to New Orleans and will make landfall most likely as a Category 4 hurricane.

Scrambling to make a good impression?

After the abysmal performance of the ruling political party during Hurricane Katrina, the Republicans are scrambling like MAD to make a good show of it this time round. Backing off of the celebration of the convention to assist, instead of hanging out at the ranch and watching people drown! Getting people out of harms way instead of herding them into a football stadium to sit in squalor for days while those poor watched the hotel guests from across the street being taken to safety. Getting the aged and the hospital patients to safety instead of having the Democratic Ex-Vise President come to the aid in a privately chartered jet to rescue Charity Hospital or having to watch them die alone and abandoned.

The government has had 3 years to re-build and shore up the levies and as the storm looks to hit west of the city and the stronger right side of the storm will hit New Orleans, most believe that they will fail again.

I wanted to be fair, I wanted to watch each convention and hear it all. I knew that listening would make me mad and at the same time reaffirm my views. As I started to listen to the speeches and as I learned that McCain would invade the town that I was born in (Dayton, OH) to make his Vise President announcement, his actions only confirmed my belief he has succumbed to the hard-line pressure form the GOP and has hogtied the “maverick.” He has chosen a person that wants to drill in the Alaskan wilderness and want to take away a women’s right to choose, believes that you have a right to own a machine gun to HUNT with.

The GOP struggled to Bus in 10,000 people to fill the arena for the VP announcement and just a day or so earlier Obama stood before an overflowing stadium of 80,000 with a renewed sense of hope.

I can’t bring myself to listen and I am so saddened by this. I have watched as Dayton, OH has struggled to survive and I have watched as the once vibrant downtown has become deserted. A city with a brilliant Ballet company and an exciting theatre, NCR World Headquarters, Mead World Headquarters, GMC Trucks, Reynolds & Reynolds all of these arts and businesses once thrived and are now dying in Dayton.

Ex-Vice-President Al Gore chartered a rescue plane in early Sept. 2005 and flew to New Orleans to medEvac 100s of patients from Charity Hospital and bring them to Tennessee. Gore declined interviews while he was shuttling the evacuees that Saturday and for a 2nd return flight he made on Sunday, but the doctors who flew with him talked about the experience.

Gore had to work around a sequential blockade by FEMA, which naturally denied his team permissions, repeatedly.

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