Tuesday, August 12, 2008

OK, Really Funny & OMG!

What I had forgotten from my stunned daze last night is monumental. The second best home run batter and the player that has the most walks for the last 4 years in baseball was traded from my beloved-ly awful Cincinnati Reds to my ass kicking Arizona D-Backs. Adam Dunn is now playing for Arizona. So 2 of my favorite players of all time are now on 2 of my favorite teams and each of those teams is in the thick of the pennant race competitions in their divisions in the Fall Classic.

•Ken Griffey to the White Sox
•Adam Dunn to the D-Backs

Good Luck Adam. Welcome to Arizona.

I’ll finally get a chance to see both of these guys play live. I’ll for sure go to another D-Back's game this year and I am gonna try to get to a Sox game in Chicago as well. I have plans to go to Chicago after Philly but the Sox are not in town while I am there. I’ll just have to go back before the end of the season. Darn, I’ll just have to grin and bear it with a beer and a dog!

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