Sunday, November 30, 2008

SUNDAY November 30th

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Traditions: I Forgot Something….I should not have forgotten!

I do so love Sundays, in my previous career Sunday was the one-day a weeks that I might actually get off and sleep in.

While I lived in NYC I would go to the corner bodega rather late on Saturday night to get the early edition of the Sunday NY Times. For my 7 plus years living in NYC, I got the Sunday Times, made a HUGE pot of coffee early Sunday morning and spent those mornings reading the Week-in-Review, Science, Style, Arts & NY Region Sections and ending with a power session of the Sunday Times Crossword in the Sunday Magazine. One section of the paper that I loved the most and no longer really exists is the Sunday Macy’s circular. I loved those mornings and they are fond memories for me. Often I would have friends over for quite mornings of brunch and power Crossword sessions.

After I moved out to the SF Bay Area, I could walk out to the corner newsstand out in front of my apartment complex and still get the Sunday Times and I continued my weekly tradition for a long time. I got to the beautiful moment in my life where I had the paper delivered on Sunday mornings. Those mornings came at greater intervals until I realized that I had a huge pile of un-read Sunday Times that I would never get to. Then my life took on changes even before I changed careers. I got busier and life got a bit more hectic and when I totally changed careers that tradition was totally lost. I had almost forgotten about those beautiful mornings but as I woke this morning and I had no desire to remove myself from the warmth of my bed…I recalled those mornings with a great fondness.

I think that I need to bring back a few of those rituals that I seem to have misplaced in these last number of years. In retrospect, I forsook pleasures for reasons that defy understanding. I may be traveling a great deal more but when I am home and I am ensconced in the warmth of my down comforter and my "gray fuzzy kitten monkeys" are sleeping soundly next to me, I need to take that time that I used to take for myself and that gave me such pleasure. I remember actually getting to the point that I would finish the Sunday Crosswords…I was always so impressed with myself if I could finish one on the same day.

Traditions are things that should never be forsaken or lost, they remind us of the journeys that we have undertaken and where we have come from and the journey that is laid out before us. It is to important to forsake.

Welcome Home Endeavour; well done!

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