Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday November 3rd

I have a bottle of Champagne chilling and I am looking forward to tomorrow, I am cautiously optimistic about the direction that we as a nation are willing to take. The choice is a brave and bold one, for so many reasons. Out with the old; it is time to provide new guards for the protection of our liberties.

cautious |ˈkô sh əs|
attentive to potential problems or dangers : a cautious driver. See note at vigilant .
• (of an action) characterized by such an attitude : the plan received a cautious welcome.

optimistic |ˌäptəˈmistik|
hopeful and confident about the future : the optimistic mood of the sixties | he was optimistic about the deal.
• involving an overestimate : previous estimates may be wildly optimistic.

I had a great Tarot on Sunday.

The Root - XVI The Tower
The Root card deals with past events or influences that have played an important part in bringing about the current situation, and these influences are still likely to have an effect now.
The encouraging aspects of your situation at the moment have been brought about by a difficult period or calamity that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. More difficult aspects are likely to be the result of ill-advised actions, quarrels or just sheer bad luck. Look back, and you should be able to see that a very trying event or period has made you stronger and helped to jettison some unhelpful aspects of your life.

The Covering - Knight of Pentacles
The card in the Covering position highlights the important events, issues, attitudes or influences around the question or current situation.
This is a time when you need to work hard and manage your material affairs properly, and you should realize that clear and realistic aims combined with application and perseverance will reap rewards in the future. Now is not the time to take unnecessary risks, but beware of being too much of a stick in the mud. Be reliable and trustworthy in your dealings with others.

The Future - Page of Swords
The card in the Future position suggests fresh influences or events that are about to come into play and are likely to operate in the near future.
You are entering a time when you will need to apply your intelligence to the prevailing situation, and act upon your thoughts. You will need to be bold yet stealthy, fighting your corner against all opposition. Keep a check on yourself, though, to avoid any tendency towards slander or revenge.

My horoscope wasn't too bad either.
Your already-healthy ambition needs to get a little bit more exercise to stay on top of its form -- so how about putting it to work in your personal life? This is a great day to start making powerful improvements in your romantic life. If you don't have a romantic life, it's a great day to start one! Whether you create an account on an online dating site or ask a fascinating person out on a date, make sure that the actions you take are bold, bright and confident!

There are just some things in life that happen that are so altering that even as you look at them you still find it hard to believe that they have occurred. That is the reason for really good friends and a really good adult beverage close at hand!

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