Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday November 28th

Here is the latest news….Tomorrow by 12 noon PST I will have a Holiday Jewelry Sale up on line. A good many of my new PMC pieces as well as my pressure settings in PMC and fine silver sheet will be on sale. There will be complete necklaces as well as just pendants that you can make you own creations from. Check out the Jewelry Sale on my website. I will have a link here as well.

I was awoken Thursday morning by pounding rain at 3am and again at 6am. The winter rains have arrived in Tucson. They are just as wonderful as the monsoons but they are COLD. I actually mean that, the rain water is cold and you do not get that hot desert smell of the monsoons either, but it had been about 2 or 3 months since we have had any water and the cactus were starting to get rather droopy. It is amazing how efficient the cacti are; they drink up the rainwater fast and quick and do not let a good rain go to waste.

We had planned a nice Thanksgiving morning hike up in Sabino Canyon but the rains canceled that plan but we did take a really nice long walk through the neighborhood after a light lunch once we had prepared all of the food for cooking for a 5-ish dinner.

I had an excellent day yesterday. I got to sleep in till 8-ish and sort of crept into my day with ease and really good coffee. Having been invited to a Thanksgiving Feast I was enjoying my morning. The task I was charged with was to bring the wine. What a treat for me. I just got to show up and enjoy my day. Well, I did do my share of chopping for the stuffing, prepped the turkey for stuffing, grilled the asparagus and made my special whipped cream for the Pumpkin Pie. (It may sound silly, but I do make really good whipped cream.)

We played a couple of games of Scrabble and the conversations varied as quickly and at times I had problems following 2 conversations at once. It was a totally excellent day.

Today was a bit of a slow start as well. I had a real issue getting motivated to get to work this morning. It took over a half a pot of coffee to get myself to the bench ad crack open a packet of PMC. Well I burned through 3 packages and ran the Kiln this afternoon.

I started prepping the settings this evening and will have 3 more pieces completed by tomorrow afternoon. I am pleased with how the settings have come out of the kiln. They will be really excellent after I get them all “tarted” up a bit!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday and that the people that you love to be near surrounded you all.

I love the winter nights here. When we get the full moons the air is so crisp and clean the moon shines so brightly. We are now just coming out of a New Moon right now and I eagerly await the next fill moon so I can sit out on my diving board and stare up at the sky and be amazed.

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