Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday November 1st.

When you are faced with a moment in life that actually gives you such pause as to make you stare in disbelief, sit dumbfounded for a really long time and make you reconsider an entire portion of your life, that moment can be a profoundly altering experience. I have been faced with one of these moments. It comes out of the blue, takes you by total surprise and in a matter of moments causes you to live a portion of your life over again in really, really fast forward. The clarity that is represented is unbelievable and the resolve that follows is even greater.

I can be a stubborn lass; let’s just leave it at that…but stubbornness aside, it is an impossible to ignore these moments and they can shake you to your very core. When these moments come you have to dig really deep to make sure that your are the person that you think you are and you have to look out and REALLY see where that moment is coming from. Then ultimately you have to determine what the actual intent of that moment means.

This takes great courage and an inner peace to listen to others, listen to your soul, listen to your heart and pick and choose a singular reality to believe in. When it comes down to that moment and if the journey that you have been on is an honorable one, the faith that you have given your heart and soul confirm that battle to it very first footstep.

It let’s you know what to hold onto and what is necessary to let go of as a past that no longer has the meaning for you that it once did! There are those out there that choose to destroy and those that choose to build.

Choose Wisely!

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