Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday November 21st

I got a fair amount done on this fine day. I worked on a few more pieces and got work done on my website.

Gail Moore and I talk at length about the class that we are planning on and have decided that there are to be 2 sessions of the class here in Tucson. There will be one class right before the Whole Bead Show and one after the show. The link for these 2 one-day workshops will go live on Monday.

I was flipping through some channels this evening and to my pleasant surprise I was greeted to the sounds of John Barry’s score to "Out of Africa". The opening sequence and the score to this movie are some of the most beautiful moments in cinema history. I have always been a HUGE fan of John Barry and his music and I am constantly amazed at to how an individual takes the imagery of film and translates it into sound, the interconnected cords, progressions, themes. I love the way a good composer can weave the story together and integrate all of the visual into the auditory.

I am enjoying the end of the week and am looking forward to the weekend and getting the details for the workshop all ironed out and getting that kicking by the start of next week. We are both looking forward to this class, so, all of you out there in WEB land…please place a link to the site when it goes live and help Gail and I can reach more people in this interconnected world of ours!

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