Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday November 16th

PMC PMC & more PMC. I made 4 or 5 really nice settings today. I will fire them first thing in the morning. I am making settings for some of the more interesting stones that I have accumulated over the last several years. I am really looking forward to seeing how all of these come out. I worked on one today for several hours that I have to say I am less than pleased with. I know better than continuing on with a setting that in my head I know is going to SUCK!!! I know that the little voice in my head is ALWAYS RIGHT! When am I actually gonna learn the lessons that a 45 year old should have down pat by now. Some times I find my own stubbornness totally amusing and then there are the times that I just wish that I had the ability to kick my own butt. I guess that is why I have the awesome friends that I have.

I had an excellent day at my bench today and I was listening to my iPod on Shuffle. Heard some tunes that I had not listened to in a very long while.
Enjoy a little Joan Armatrading. I have loved her voice for ever half of my life.
Love & Affection

Hope everyone had an excellent weekend! I know it is going to be Monday in a few hours but just keep plugging along and it will be another weekend before you know what hit you!

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