Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday October 30th

It has been a productive day. I finally got the new 2009 Tucson Workshop dates up and rocking. I am pleased with some of the pricing choices that I have made. I have chosen to separate the Materials fee from the reservation fee. Check out my site and see the page for yourself. I think it will be a great 3 days. I am offering 2 workshops surrounding the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. I will post the Greater Gem Show Link for everyone as soon as it goes live.

The evenings are so nice and cool now. The days are still very warm but the nights…Ah the nights! There is something that I sort of forgot about the cooler weather. Sound carries father in the cooler air. I have forgotten that I love the sound of the trains as they pass through downtown Tucson. My sleep schedule has been for crap lately but the sounds of the trains passing through town has been a solace during these waking hours. If I close my eyes I can actually hear the wheels on the tracks along with the whistle/horn.

I miss the caboose. I really do, the day they went away was a sad day for me. Do you remember that there was actually a man waving a lantern, as the train would pass through a Rail Road Crossing? I do, I remember, growing up, I knew the train schedule so well that I would ride my to the crossing to wave to the Caboose Guy. I love a caboose as much as I love Tug Boats. It is an irrational kind of love thing. I just really love those two pieces of American iconic machines.

This is one of those classic images that will endure!

Oh well. Not much worked out for me in Major League Baseball this year. The Rays got hammered, the White Sox got trounced, my Reds Sucked, the D-Backs just got tired….
Oh well! I guess if I have to look for one Silver Lining…
The National League Won the Series!

The major funny of today…I am SUCH a ball fan that this seems inexcusable not to know this minor fact of regional baseball!
Sarah Palin standing firmly in Pittsburgh Pirates Territory and said that she was happy to celebrate the victory of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies in Pennsylvania.
I cringed as I heard her say those words.
They HATE each other….She got so booed so hard, I laughed out loud with glee!
And the best part was that she had no idea why and one more time her eyes glazed over!
I really hope someone told her.

I am unbelievably looking at Arizona maybe switching to a toss up state. McCain has started his Robo-Calls here. At least I can say that I VOTED! GO AWAY! And my vote was NOT FOR YOU!

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