Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday October 15th

So I am here in Miami. Ah, Florida.

***So when I was about 5 years old, my family drove down to Florida for our yearly Florida vacation and as you cross the border you always stopped at the visitors center and were greeted with a glass of fresh squeezed OJ. Being the child of the space age...I walked up to the stand and I asked for TANG! Embarrassed my folks totally!***It is a true story!!!

I was Up at 3am for a 6:30 am flight and a 3-hour layover in Hot-Lanta. So when I made my reservation I could have chosen a connection flight that left about 45 minutes after I was supposed to land in Atlanta. Now I have been in that position and have been screwed and missed my connecting flight. NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS THE SAME PLANE! I could have gotten in 3 hours earlier. I would have been on the same plane but with a different flight number. WHY GOD WHY???

So I have never been in such a huge airport that felt like The Stepford Wives National Airport. I mean really, the place was deserted. It was surreal; I would go for several hundred yards and not see another soul around me. Counter after counter was deserted and it was 5:30pm. Long stretches of check-in counters had no airlines associated with them. All of the signage was gone. It’s not like I was arriving at 2am and the whole world is asleep. It was really freaky. I did not like it.

But, as I drove to my hotel I was greeted with the classic Golden Girls Sunset of the huge orange ball of flame setting behind some beautiful clouds. It even had the plane flying through in profile. Absolutely classic Miami look.

I got in, had a light salad for dinner and hunkered down for the last debate. I am please to say that I feel that Barack Obama did a very nice job, kept his cool and did not let McCain get to him. He stuck to his points and was very Presidential.

Now, I have never really been in a hotly contested state during an election before. Being here in Florida right now it so weird. The commercials are EVERYWHERE. Every other advertisement is political, and Obama is out numbering McCain by 3 to 1 and I am here to lat you know that I have not seen ONE negative attack ad by Obama. I wish that I could say the same for McCain. His ads are split 50/50 form sticking to his message to slamming his opponent. It is a shame, his tactics have not worked in the past 2 weeks and they did not work tonight!

THE PHILLIES DID A GREAT JOB. I am so pleased that the Dodgers went down hard. Now all I can hope for is to have Boston tank. I could actually get excited about a Rays/Phillies battle in the Fall Classic. I did not really give the Rays the attention that they deserved this season. I now offer my most sincere apologies to the Rays. Go, Rays, Go – Beat Boston!

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