Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday October 21st

I was having a fantastic day until this afternoon; that is when the ugly little gnat started buzzing in my ear again. There is only so much one soul can endure with out blowing a gasket and really taking aim. It is so easy to foster self-righteous anger and hated when you never look the person in the eye.

After getting home yesterday I crashed for the better part of the day and only managed to unpack and put my things away. After that I was totally useless. But today starting at 6am I got EVERY order that I took in Miami out to the post office by noon. I got my tools inventoried and a list for re-ordering ready. I made my bank deposit and got the credit receipts run and got bills filled out and ready to mail off as soon as all of the monies post to the appropriate accounts. I was productivity personified this today.

And what a beautiful day today was; the breeze was cool and the sun was so very warm. I am looking forward to getting some more yard work done this week and really cleaning up the inside of the wall. I need to reconnect with the earth and crave the sun on my back and I want to really wear myself out in that most excellent physical way. I love those days when you are so tired that you wake in the same position that you fall asleep in.

I am also getting ready for the BABE show in Oakland in the beginning of November. It will be good to hang out with Gail and to see all of my chums from CA. I am planning on an extra day with my friend Carol in LA either on the way out or on the way back. I do miss all of my friends very much and am looking forward to having a few days with them. The big news is that I get to hang out with my bud from the old days Anne Devine. As of my birthday this year it will have been 2 years since we have seen each other.

Here is the rub; I let myself get sucked up into a life that actually did not really include me. I was on the outskirts looking in and waiting for the invitation that was never going to come. Now that I see that in my perfect 20/20 hindsight vision (with the help of bifocals I might add) I am honored and blessed that my friends have forgiven me my errors of judgment. One told me the other day that “I knew that you had to go through it and that you would be the stronger for the battle.”

Ok, tomorrow is time for THE WORLD SERIES. It is going to be Phillies vs. Rays. Here is my dilemma; I had to root for the Phillies against the Dodgers so that Manny Ramirez would not get to the Fall Classic. He does not deserve the honor; he does not respect the game at all. He played like crap so he would be traded. That is not professional that is grandstanding. Now if LA was Manny free, I would have loved to see the Dodgers get to the Series just to have Joe Torre show up the Yankees.

Now on the to Rays, I did not pay them one bit of attention this season. I have no interest in the AL east. I am sorry to admit that. Hey, Curt Schilling had it right from spring training. He called the Rays for the series way back then. Guess he showed us. So, I guess I have to get behind the Rays because the Phillies and the Reds do not like each other at all.

Has this been convoluted enough for you? It makes perfect sense to me and I guess that is all that matters in the long run.

We are 2 weeks away from the election and I am cautiously optimistic. The desperate acts of the GOP are actually making me physically nauseous. I am hitting the mute button more and more everyday just so I do not have to let the toxic venom into my life. I have had to cut back on my news watching, I cannot listen to people that I have no regard for, who have lost their integrity and have left their honor by the side of the road. Let’s get out and vote early so there is less of a chance for all of the tricks that are being proffered to keep the Black, Young, Elderly and Hispanic vote from counting. Read the Rolling Stone Block the Vote Article this week. It is urgent that you do. Robert F. Kennedy has some very important stuff that you should all know about.

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