Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday October 25th

I have been meaning to write about several things for quite some time now. One of these has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while.

I had this great conversational cabbie on one of my last returns to Tucson. He and I were chatting away and he asked me what I did for a living that made my bags so heavy. I told him that I was an instructor and a designer and I had an online web business. He asked what I taught and when I told him I was a metalsmith he was intrigued. He asked it I know the origins of the word “Smith”. I said that I had no idea but it would be a look up when I got home. My only thought at the time was so contrary. A “Smith” seems to imply that there is a specialized aspect to the craft…but it is recognized as the most common of names.
Just a quick look at wikipedia has opened up an entire new line of inquiry for me. I think I may now want to think of my self as a “whitesmith” someone who works in the white metals. But why continue on with labels, right?

Smith (metalwork)
•A smith, or metalsmith, is a person involved in the shaping of metal objects.
•In pre-industrialized times, smiths held high or special social standing since they supplied the metal tools needed for farming (especially the plough) and warfare. This social standing might be a reason for the prevalence of "Smith" as an English family name (and similar names in other languages, such as German "Schmidt").
Etymology of smith
•The word smith is cognate with the somewhat archaic English word, "smite", meaning "to hit" or "to strike". Originally, smiths practiced their crafts by forming metal with hammer blows.
•As an English suffix, -smith connotes a meaning of specialized craftsmen
Artisans and Craftpeople
•The ancient traditional tool of the smith is a forge or smithy, which is a furnace designed to allow compressed air (through a bellows) to superheat the inside, allowing for efficient melting, soldering and annealing of metals. Today, this tool is still widely used by blacksmiths as it was traditionally.
•The term, metalsmith, often refers to artisans and craftpersons who practice their craft in many different metals, including gold, copper and silver. Jewelers often refer to their craft as metalsmithing, and many universities offer degree programs in metalsmithing, jewelry and blacksmithing under the auspices of their fine arts programs.
Types of smiths
Blacksmith, arrowsmith, bladesmith, coppersmith, fendersmith, goldsmith, gunsmith, locksmith, pewtersmith, silversmith, tinsmith, swordsmith, whitesmith

While I was in Miami we had such a good time and one of the gals brought in her iPod dock so we could listen to music while we worked. It is a favorite way for me to work and I was happy that so many of the ladies agreed. Several of them brought in their iPods so we kind of traded around so we each got to listen to our favorite music. We traded favorite artists and chatted about what kind of music that we liked to listen to while we worked and how time could fly when you got in that ZONE of inner peace and the day flies by as creativity takes control.
There is so much music out in the world that I love, half the time I forget some of the stuff that I have on my iPod and then when I find it, it is such a treat all over again. My newest find is Jason Mraz.

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Song Lyrics

After a while we all started chatting about our favorite things. One of mine that started a lively conversation was that I love BAD MOVIES that are so bad that they are actually wonderful. I have my list and for many reasons, if they are on, I will tune them in and love them all the more.
My all time favorite BAD MOVIE that is so bad it is good…
Kevin Costner’s: Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. This movie has so many excellently bad scenes and so many great one-liners that I look forward to seeing it whenever it is on. I guess that I may actually have to get it for myself as a birthday present.
The best sequence of lines in the movie: I HEART Alan Rickman, no one can deliver a line better!
Sheriff of Nottingham: “I am going to cut your hear out with a spoon!”
Guy of Gisborne: “Why a spoon cousin?”
Sheriff of Nottingham: “Because it will hurt more.”
There is nothing like laughing at stuff like this, I am typing this right now and have the silliest grin on my face because I see the entire scene in my mind.

Make your list of great bad movies and enjoy one or two of them this weekend. I think that I shall while I wait for more of the World Series this evening! GO RAYS!

My friend Stacey called the other evening to let me know just how truly excellent her daughter is. In CA there is a measure on the ballot that will rescind the right for gays to marry. A group was demonstrating outside of her school and she took offence to the act. She could not understand why it is so upsetting to so many. This is something that in her eyes will in no way diminish anyone’s life and will actually lead to healthy and committed unions. Her take on the whole thing was quite interesting….she hates the color red and now want to protest against people wearing the color red. She thinks it is just as silly. I love the eyes of the young, simplicity and an unclouded view can cut right to the point.
I told Stacey that I shall no longer wear RED. Thanks for the insight Hannah-Banana.

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