Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday October 23rd

$150.000.00 in 8 weeks for clothes and this man is an elitist? Oh, and by the way…these shoes that you are looking at have been re-soled with ½ soles. Very Elitist Indeed. And John McCain wears $520 Ferragamo leather loafers, he has 11 homes &13 cars…Obama has one house and the family drives a Hybrid.
I have proven my point and I need say nothing else. I am tired to the core of the SHIT that is being proffered as logical politics. Joe the Friggin’ Plummer? PLEASE!!! If “that other guy” or that “IDIOT WOMAN” want to talk real issues I will go back to listening to them…until that time the MUTE is ON!

I am voting in the morning. After reading what Robert Kennedy Jr. had to say in this issue of Rolling Stone, I am not taking any chances. I do feel that my vote for the President is rather wasted here in AZ but I can have an impact on other races that if all goes the way I am hoping for, it will make Obama’s job easier to attain.

I had a wonderful day. I got my hair cut today…it was a gamble, the most excellent Mariah is on maternity leave and she said that Denise would take great care of me. I am SUCH a CREATURE OF HABIT…it took an extra 4 weeks to work up the courage to go get my hair cut by a stranger. The gamble worked out well for me, Denise was delightful. I now a pleased to say that I have a backup…HA!

The weather here right now is so beautiful. I have the doors open and there seems to be such a soft breeze coming through town. It is a delight to sleep and I have to say that my Niki is pleased with the cooling down. With the drop in temperatures I sleep in one position during the night and she can sleep “on” me. Which she LOVES more than me brushing her coat

I got to place myself in the most excellent hands of the beloved Carylse this afternoon. Her hands need to be declared a state treasure! I would be a mess without her!

I got more work done on my website today, I got the Index page more organized and hopefully it will lead to more people clicking on more pages and getting lost on and buying lots of things. It is an “evil plan” HaHaHa… I will have next years Tucson Workshops up by tomorrow afternoon. I am trying to come up with creative ways for people to be able to come out here and yet still have it be more economical for them. I have a few ideas that I am knocking around! I think it will be a positive adjustment.

Gail L. sent me her version of my gals from Cheezburger. Made me laugh out loud! Thanks Gail!

Last nights opening of the World Series did not go quite the way I would have liked (with the Phillies Winning) but tonight the Rays did a great job of handling "THAT OTHER TEAM" hehehehe! The Series it tied at a game each.

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