Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday October 8th

Oh,John..."My Fellow Prisoners!!!"

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- Beck Lyrics

Busy Day, Tired Day.

I got the box of goodies off to Miami today. I decided to go UPS this time round. Since I am just shipping student tools it seemed the best way to get it done. That and I have a tracking number. I am very, very, very ready for class this weekend and for classes in Miami as well. I am giving a talk on Thursday and have been working on a fun Power Point presentation for that. Lot’s to share.

I have been going through some old files and I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures from when I was very little and the other, one of the most embarrassing images of my childhood.
You get to pick out which one is which.

I was reading Gail’s travels in France and it seems that she can get in trouble in any country and at any time. Well Done! Her description of her escapades made me laugh out loud and yes…Cris and I know first hand how Gail can just be Gail. God lover her, I know many of us do!

Sorry I need to vent for 2 paragraphs!

I find that I am absolutely obsessed with this election as I have never been before. I have always been informed and aware. In watching the events of these past few weeks I have never been so upset by the desperate attempts to destroy a mans character all for the sake of a job that is slipping from John McCain’s grasp. I am sad for the lack of personal dignity and for the ploys of crap politics that he swore he would not participate in. That in and of itself tells me the kind of man he is and the kind of leader that he would become. I am disappointed in McCain and I am angry as HELL that a person who has the intelligence of pond scum is what he believes would be a good VP. (I am sorry that I insulted the pond scum so badly) I hate the politics of desperation and selfish, gratuitous, agrandization.
Let’s here it for Country First!

But here is the real news! This is what we are coming to...
We had a 90 year old woman shoot herself in the chest and a man kill himself and his family because they had lost everything. The woman was to be evicted, Fanny or Freddie...I do not know which one.., forgave the debt upon learning that she was that desperate (NOT BEFORE) . The man, his children and his wife are gone!
Yes, John McCain...Country First! By all means...Country First!

This was the crappy part of my last weekend and my week so far!

I have had a bit of a frustrating issue lately. When I was cleaning I found a letter from my bank behind my desk. It was 4 months old and I almost threw it away but I took the few minutes to give it a look and I am glad that I did. It was a returned check from B&B for almost $500.00. I tried to call the person and I even got her email address from the B&B staff. I have yet to hear from this person after 3 phone messages and 2 or 3 emails. The check is good for 6 months and I wanted to let this person know that I was going to re-deposit it. I gave to address a good look and saw that this individual lives in a city that a friend of mine does. I come to find out that this is not an isolated incident and this person is notorious for shoplifting, bouncing checks and bold face lies. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. I think that I may have actually gotten my money; it seems that many others have lost out.

I find this behavior absolutely bewildering.

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