Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday October 4th

I await this weeks Saturday Night Live with baited breath. The rumor; Queen Latifah will portray Gwen Iffle. Now that would be some fine casting. If one person could evade a direct answer and still come out looking like a fool…we have a VP candidate!

What an excellent day I had yesterday. I got SO MUCH DONE. Loads of paperwork sorted through. Organization is taking form and guess what? Fall is arriving here in Tucson, the intense heat is dissipating and the breezes are cooler. I am excitedly getting ready for a workshop here next weekend and for my trip to Miami on the 15th.

Then it all went to hell in a handbag! I was supposed to go out last night to hear some music and I am not sure what happened but I ate something that did not like me! Whoa, I’ll tell you I felt totally yucky! Glad that I am feeling better this evening.

I had a very productive day today as well. More and more gets done with each passing day and I have to say that the list does seem to be getting just a bit smaller! Whew!

Went to go see Nights in Rodanthe this evening. I like Diane Lane and Richard Gere very much and I did like this movie. It was a bit predictable and stuck to formula but the message and the nuances and chemistry between Lane and Gere is very present. There were some interesting commentary on how we, as lovers and partners choose our paths and make choices about what we will accept as a part of our lives and what we will tolerate in a relationship and for what reasons. I found several of the lessons hit a bit to close to home for my comfort, but at least I realize the patterns and will never let that occur again.

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As each day passes and I gain greater insight to the past and greet the future with an honest, clear and truthful perspective. I see the place that I have come from and can not believe that I let myself go down the same toxic path twice in my life.

My Tarot - In answer to the life path that I am on.

The Root - Nine of Swords: Cruelty

The Root card deals with past events or influences that have played an important part in bringing about the current situation, and these influences are still likely to have an effect now.

The encouraging aspects of your situation at the moment have been brought about by making it through a depressing time of stress and anxiety. More difficult aspects are likely to be the result of despair or hopelessness, having their roots in guilt, illness or loss. Lies or downright malice may have been at the heart of your problems.

The Covering - Queen of Wands

The card in the Covering position highlights the important events, issues, attitudes or influences around the question or current situation.

This is a time when you need to act on your feelings. Be creative and adaptable, applying calm, persistent pressure rather than delivering an impetuous strike. Beware of any tendency towards vengeful or domineering acts. Get in touch with what you feel, then apply this understanding.

The Future - IX The Hermit

The card in the Future position suggests fresh influences or events that are about to come into play and are likely to operate in the near future.

You are entering a period in which you need to be patient and introspective in resolving difficulties. You must make sure that you give yourself time to think things through and avoid unconsidered actions. This will be an excellent opportunity to decide what you really want to achieve and how you can achieve it.

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