Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday March 8th.

My drive to Detroit was hard. A trip that normally would take 2 ½ to 3 hours took over 4 ½. I drove from Dayton to Detroit in near white out conditions. Now, remember, I love to drive. I find it one of the most relaxing and Zen activities that I take part in. I can place part of my mind on a task of driving and the rest of me can ponder anything. Anything at all, and believe me, my mind goes everywhere. But today I had to really pay attention to the world around me. If you take a really good look at the photo you can almost make out the car that was about 10 yards in front of me. I hate having to think that hard when I drive.

I had dinner with a dear friend and it is looking to be a pretty done deal that I will be coming back to the Guild to teach in January of 2010. I cannot wait. This group is so much fun to teach for.

Are any of you amazed at how much a life can change in just a moment? The last trip I took was on December 23rd. Not much in my life was the same by the time I returned back to my home on the morning of December 27th. Not much at all, everything that I was grounded on and so sure of was gone as of that day. This fact became even more real to me as I sat at the airport on Friday afternoon, having my requisite beer and checking my email and realized that all of my regular airport routines no longer mattered, it was all gone.

After that you can then you take a good long look at everything and just start again. First you actually realize that there are things that will always be the same, no matter what, and it is those things that you should treasure. Never forget them, never loose them, those things are your anchors. When you forget to take them off of the shelf every so often they can get a bit rusty and take some time to get back into shape. Don’t let anything or anybody make you loose focus on what made you the person that you are. It is not worth the price that you have to pay.

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