Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Driving to Portland

400 miles from Tucson you arrive at the wind farms. These things are enormous and there are thousands of them . Look at the size compared to the double stacked train containers that are right next to them. There are nestled right up to the Morongo Indian Reservation and Casino. My favorite hotel between Tucson and LA.

Here is the last descent into Grapevine. This is the Northern edge of the San Bernardino Mountains on the I-5. You ascend close to 4000 ft very quickly and you do not want to do this in the heat of the day. It is a killer for cars and trucks. If you get caught in a traffic jam here it can last over 8 hours. I got caught in one that went through the entire night.

I just loved this shot of all of the new Train Wheels on this flat bed truck. It is so cool!

So I m driving through LA and I get a phone call from my 2 friends from IOWA. They are about 90 minutes out of my way " on holiday" and they want to know if I want to see them..........DUH! Hell Yes! I drove over to Cambria, CA right on the coast and we had the best visit, lunch in the sunshine across from the water and a wonderful walk on the boardwalk.

We saw a Momma Otter and her Baby playing, eating and grooming in the surf. Sorry but the shot did not come out so you could see them, so you all just have to deal with a shot of me instead. Not nearly as cute I know! Sorry!

It was so wonderful to see my friends Chris and Paul. It was the best surprise I have had in weeks. They were unsure if I would take the time out of my drive to go to the coast. I am such a Magpie, if it looks shiny and fun I am all over it.

Plus, I am so stoked, Chris has started teaching some and I could not be more pleased that she is taking skills that she learned and made them her own.

YOU GO GIRL! You are my hero lady. I love you both so much! Thanks for the invite, it made my entire drive worth it.

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