Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday March 4th

Well, I had to endure the most ridiculous commentary by two Canadian announcers in order to watch my Reds yesterday. It was awful. There were times I had to turn off the volume and just watch the game. They really never actually got around to commenting on the play of the game, they mostly just engaged in meaningless banter that had no bearing on the game at all.

Today I am watching the Mets vs. the Braves. The game just went into extra inning. I moved to NYC in 1986. That was the year of the miracle Mets. I lived in Greenwich Village in graduate school housing on the 10th floor and all of NYC exploded when the Mets took the World Series that year.

Yesterday was spent getting several new pages up on my web site. I have started the updates page and I am still working on the video. I added a rings sizing and aspect ratio chart that will be linked to the special orders page. I am trying figure out the best way to make the setting up and selling those special order rings that is cost effective for all of my customers and profitable for me.

It is making my head hurt a bit.

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