Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday March 24th.

~Packed and Ready~

Thanks to everyone that has emailed me safe travels!

Well believe it or not it all fit into the car with room to spare. I am pleased with my packing job and the fact that I got it all in to a small-ish car that will not be a gas hog. I know it seems strange to think that I would choose to drive. But I have packed 18 (yes, 18) office file storage boxes with all of the stuff that I need in order to teach, all of the tools that I offer for sale in class, and all of my chain kits. It all takes a lot of space and buy the time I would ship it out and back and now since the airlines are so strict with luggage weight I actually spend less this way.

All of that and I am SO looking forward to a nice long mindless drive.

I have an interesting Tarot today, check it out!
(click on "entire reading at once")

My horoscope was hysterical~

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