Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday March 7th.

I am off to Dayton today then to Detroit for the one day Bead Bonanza. Come see all of the beautiful work that is out there in the world.

Ken “the Hawk” Harrelson the announcer for the White Sox called the yesterday. It is so excellent to hear his masterful voice again. God, I love the way he calls a game! He has some of the most colorful phrases that he uses when he gets into the game. One of my favorites is the old time description for a fly ball that will be easily caught by an outfielder “Fly ball, it’s a Can of Corn”

New Dickson Baseball Dictionary: The most accepted: The phrase, first used in 1896, makes reference to a long-ago practice where a grocer would use a stick to tip a can of vegetables off a high shelf, then catch it in his hands or outstretched apron. Another possible source: Such a pop fly is as easy to capture as "corn from a can.
Corn is used instead of another food because the outfield is sometimes called the "cornfield".

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