Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday March 10th.

Yesterday was such a fun day and man am I beat. I do so love the Great Lakes Guild. It was like old home week, for an 11-hour day, walking into the venue and seeing all of those wonderful people. They do such an amazing job, and the people that volunteer for all of this work love what they do. All day long, there are people making sure that you have everything that could need.

I cannot thank the people of the Guild and all of the people that braved the cold and the weather to come and support the artists and vendors that were there. All of us who came to display our wares appreciate you.

My drive back to Dayton was much easier than my drive out. The night was clear and the roads were as well. The last 3 days have been rather long ones. Friday was a 20 hour day from getting up early to pack and fly to Dayton. My flight did not get me in till midnight and I did not make it to my mom’s house till 1am. Saturday was spent getting to Detroit, and even though it was only a 4½-hour drive, it did wear me out. And then Sunday was another 18-hour day from set up till getting back to Dayton. Today was filled with errands and a nap from 4pm till 6pm.

I am watching my beloved Reds play the Yankees right now and it is a really good game. (even if we are loosing!) I love to see all of the regulars get into shape and play better ball as each day passes and I LOVE to see all of the non-roster invitees play all-out for a place on the team. This game rules!

I did get one old-time flash back treat today. I did not feel like going out for dinner or making dinner so we ordered out for Cassano’s Pizza. (You can have it delivered anywhere) I have not had this pizza since I left Ohio in 1986 and I have to say it still tastes the same and it is really good pizza. I had forgotten, but one I caught the aroma of the pizza it all came rushing back. It’s not like NY or Chicago pizza, it is it’s own thing and you want the Deluxe.

Once I get back to Tucson on Thursday morning I am right back into the thick of it. I have 2 weeks to get ready for the Portland Bead Expo. If you are not planning on being there you should be. It promises to be a really good show with some excellent classes.

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