Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Feb. 26th.

Tomorrow at 1:05 pm Arizona time (as we here in AZ do not follow the time zone rules that the rest of the country observes, so I spend half of the year an hour off of my normal time zone.) I will be privileged to attend the opening day of Spring Training at Tucson Electric Park. I will be witness to a classic competition between the Colorado Rockies vs. the Chicago White Sox. Believe me when I tell you that this could not be an event that I am welcoming more. It means the death knell of winter, the beginning of summer and 8 months of glorious contests that will culminate in the fall classic. I will take pictures and give you all a complete report. I will most certainly have a dog and a beer to celebrate the momentous occasion. I long to hear the sound of the bat on the ball live once again, only 12 hours to go till batting practice.

The video for the tips section is coming along and is gonna be great. I am really happy with how it is going!

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