Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

We had a wonderful and rainy winter storm here yesterday. There was even a brief hail shower. A storm like that doesn’t come around all that often so when they to I always enjoy watching as the storm passes. There was snow in the foothills this morning.

Today is beautiful sunny and chilly day here on Primary Day. For all of you that have the opportunity to vote today please do. I have always thought of it as an honor to be able to have a voice and to be counted. It is becoming more important than ever for us to all stand up and be heard.

The shows here in Tucson are in full swing and more are opening. Rio Grande’s Catalog in Motion opens on the 8th. It is so cool, they pretty much bring the entire tools catalog and have staff there to talk to you and demonstrate them. I did not get to go last year and am looking forward to it this year for sure.

I spent a good portion of yesterday at the Whole Bead Show at the Windmill Inn. I got to see so many friends and se so many beautiful things. Both Andrea and Gail’s booth were swamped as the doors opened and the line of people swarmed in to the ballroom. It is amazing to watch as each person has their own agenda and things that they need to see or a favorite vendor that they need to get that special something from.

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