Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Feb. 18th

Happy Independence Day to the West African Republic of Gambia!

Well, I made a MAJOR dent in my patch of desert. Everything outside of the wall is now spiffy clean and the sidewalk is swept. It was 3 hours of mastering a weeding hoe, a rake and a broom to at least make the exposed public exterior look respectable. I have made myself the promise that I will spend at least 2 hours every morning till my yard is in respectable shape again. These winter rains have wreaked havoc on my yard.

I do feel just a little guilty about this weeding thing. There is this one really amazing weed, it kind of looks like a small open head of lettuce. At the base of these beauties there were droplets of water that the plant had gathered, just like the barrel cactus, an evolutionary marvel. All of the water is held for future use. Each droplet would glisten in the morning sun, right as I yanked it out of the dirt! Like I said, I felt a little guilty.

I cannot tell you how nice my new web site is gonna be. It is coming along beautifully. Keep an eye out. It will not be much longer.

Hope that everyone is having a good Presidents Day.

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