Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Feb. 23rd

The dam at Sabino Canyon this evening!

I am gaining more understanding of the Dreamweaver Web Design program everyday. I just placed all new images in the main pages for all of the chain pattern kits. It is really nice to have more continuity from page to page.

I am getting ready to post the first of my tips. I am planning on having a rotating selection of short videos that will share the basic tips of chain making and a few of the simple tips from the Fine Silver Metalworking DVD.

Today I started really working with iMovie and I spent the better part of the day getting used to the Video camera that I bought last fall and getting the movies to transfer to the iMovie program. This is going to be a lot of fun. I have kept postponing starting to work with it for some random reason or another. Fear of attempting to open the unknown is probably the best answer I can come up with.

I have started to take my hikes in Sabino canyon in the late afternoons early evening times. Tonight was so peaceful, so green and so full of water. We had a late winter storm here a few days ago and the water has been really running. The water was running so hard over the damn that as I walked closer to the falls the water stopped sounding like running water but started sounding like white noise.

Keep a look out for the first tip! It will be nice.
And once again, thank you for all of the kind emails letting me know that you like my new site.

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