Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Feb. 12th

Spent some time this morning putting my house back together and putting away all of the class tools and supplies. It is always a happy/sad kind of feeling when a class finishes. This is one of those times for sure.

The ladies had such a great time and we laughed till we made Kathy cry. At one point on Monday morning, Kyra held up her stainless steel tweezers and announced that she had actually fused them closed. It was at the exact moment of her announcement that she remembered that she was holding locking tweezers and all she had to do was squeeze them to release her beautifully fused ring. We all laughed till our stomachs hurt.
(And Yes! Kyra gave me full permission to pass along this story.)

Class was fantastic; we had so much fun working all of the bits and parts into finished pieces of jewelry. I am looking forward to continuing to teach this class and take it to some amazing new places. There are so many ideas floating around and this week is dedicated to realizing some of these and working out all of the nuances to teach it all.

Gail left me with some of the most beautiful wool to felt. We spent lunch today talking about integrating our two techniques into some really cool mixed media pieces. Keep a look out, these promise to be really cool.

I did get to spend most of the day with my dear friend Gail Crosman Moore. (Sadly, Gail flies home tomorrow!) We went to the Quality Inn and Pueblo Inn shows to take a look around for anything wonderful that was missed the first time around. I did find some excellent stones for my 3-day workshop at Bead & Button.

After that we went south on I-19 and went to the San Xavier Mission. It is so beautiful. You see these classic lines and proportions and then are brought into the mission to witness the local art. The large main wooden doors are adorned with amazing metalwork. The coolest thing is the inside handle. See the mouse and the snake latch/lock?

They also have these most excellent candles that you can purchase to light for your prayers. Once the candle is burned out you can take to empty glass. I brought two back for my home, I got a Our Lady of Guadalupe (The patron Saint of the Americas) and a Saint Jude (The Patron Saint of Lost Causes)

The Apostle Saint Jude Thaddeus is "The Miraculous Saint," the Catholic Patron Saint of "lost causes" and "cases of despaired." When all other avenues are closed, he is the one to call upon, and his help often comes at the last moment.

A wonderful day!

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