Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday January 27

Today was a day of preparing to prepare. I had a plumber here at 8am hooking up the new stove & sink in the studio and getting the shower knobs tightened up. Then I had to move 2 beds and frames, 2 couches and this huge Ikea sofa/bed thing that weighs a ton and I had to get the rest of the odds and ends that I have been storing in that space put away. I have two friends that are renting the studio and are arriving a bit earlier than I was expecting.

I did all of this in phases today; I had no desire to get worn out all at once. So I would do one small section at a time, get all of the stuff out and piled up in the middle of my living room. (a really impressive pile I might add.) Then the Oreck vacuum cleaner was there to do it’s ever impressive job and then the slow and steady process of getting things all set took place over the day.

And all the while, I was working on my web site….there is one thing to add that is going to be a rather nice change for me. I am going to be teaching on an Alaskan Bead Cruise in late June. It is being organized by the IL version of The Place To Bead…not to be confused by the CA one or the NJ one. I will be teaching a few chain classes as well as my favorite Viking Double Knit. Check out the schedule, I think it is going to be a really nice trip…I would love to have a full boat of some folks…I can see the possibilities.

I really did not get much bench work done today but I think that I will get a fairly full day in tomorrow. I am waiting for some glass beads to arrive with baited breath. I have conned a lamp-worker to let me monkey around with some settings that I have had rumbling around in my head for while. I hope that I get a real chance to play with them over the next days. I can get like a bit of a magpie and I am now in need of something new and shiny to get my creative juices flowing. Being in production mode for this long has sapped my energy to the very marrow.

I am going re-post my favorite You-Tube video. If you have not watched this please do it is priceless.

Karaoke For The Deaf

I am sitting here typing this post and listening to the live tennis matches from down under. It has been a very good day with many accomplishments and several truly lovely distractions have been enjoyed. I really do like to be surprised by what life can offer you at the least expected times. I guess that is one of the reasons that we are here. I just keep reminding myself to make sure to take it all in and to really see the full amazement of it all.

e.e. cummings
your little voice
your little voice
Over the wires came leaping
and i felt suddenly
With the jostling and shouting of merry flowers
wee skipping high-heeled flames
courtesied before my eyes
or twinkling over to my side
Looked up
with impertinently exquisite faces
floating hands were laid upon me
I was whirled and tossed into delicious dancing
with the pale important
stars and the Humorous
dear girl
How i was crazy how i cried when i heard
over time
and tide and death
your voice

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