Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday January 18

So, I am going to warn you all right away… this post is going to be fairly tangential. So many things attacked my world and my senses yesterday I actually had to make a list so I would remember all that I wanted to mention. The problem I am having right now is that I cannot find the list. I straightened up & I put it someplace very safe, so I would know where to find it. Well, here is what I remember!

Late last evening after I had come in from a dinner engagement and before I went out to listen to a friends band play I found out that one of my favorite American artists had passed away. Andrew Wyeth was a wonderful artist. When I found out the truth behind his paining “Christina’s World” and the entire “Helga” series I loved him all the more.

In Christina’s world one could see a very romantic scene of a woman sitting in this beautiful field and your imagination could go to infinite places. But the truth of that matter was that woman was paraplegic who lived life almost as a recluse and refused assistance.

The Helga Series was a personal and very intimate study of one woman for a span of 14 years. The series took the art world by storm and the rumors as to the nature of the relationship spread like wildfire even before the Internet.

There is much debate as to the validity of Mr. Wyeth’s standing in the art world. I have always loved his work and found it as sensual as it could be introspective

I want to know why we keep getting all of these sales calls 20 hours a day and 7 days a week. I am SO tired of this CRAP. I thought that we had some sort of LAW saying that this was no longer allowed. Who in their right mind would answer the phone when your CALLER I.D. says “DISH-NETWORK” or even worse the blocked….Yea, I am gonna answer that call…right. I hate that these calls come as late as 10pm. I am not joking and if it goes my voice mail I get a PRE-RECORDED message not even a real person. This is all done with technology and I am not a fan.

I was listening to an interview with Maya Angelou and she was commenting on her pleasure that Mr. Obama had chosen the poet Elizabeth Alexander for the Inaugural. She spoke so eloquently about the need for us to remember that the arts as well as the sciences are important. Her quote was wonderful. I hope I wrote it down correctly I had to scramble for the paper and pen that I keep on my nightstand.

“We have to remember that the Arts & Sciences go together.
They go together like Peaches & Cream
They go together like Bacon & Eggs
They go together like Lox & Bagels”

This one is going to stay with me for a while I believe.

P.S. She wrote an article in today"s Washington Post titled At Long Last Ready for the Real Deal. The quote I give you here took my breath away. She has beautiful and languid way with words that leads you onward.

~Over the past five decades, our national spirit has ebbed, our self-confidence has waned. The presence of Barack Obama seems to return us to our national motto: "Yes, I can. I am an American." ~

FOUR: Rolling Stone’s cover is excellent.
Bush Apologizes: The Farewell Interview We Wish He'd Give

Please read it….Really Really Good!

FIVE: I am still really impressed with Sully, what a dignified man.

SIX: I keep looking at the clock and counting the hours till noon, 1/20/09. I have a small but mighty pile of projects all ready to go that do not require me to be at my bench. I do not want to miss a moment of that day.

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