Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday January 26

For the love of all that we hold dear!
It is the end of January.
What is happening here?
Will someone please fill me in on this problem that we are all having with time right now?

The craziness continues on and on. It is insane right now and I had a very fun and work filled crazed weekend. Now I have to remember all of the stuff that I need to do to get ready for the Gem Show next week and classes that start here on Friday and one-day workshops and people coming to stay and all of the rest.

On so many levels right now is an insanely beautiful and wonderful moment in my life and one that I know I will be a most excellent series of moments to recall.

Have you every really wondered about the human capacity to seek out true joy and happiness? That there is this primal urge to strive for those things that you feel could make you happier or more alive than you ever dreamed possible? There is such beauty and wonder out there and if you just stop to take a moment to really look at everything around you it can just be a rather overwhelming experience.

You can find this beauty in some of the most amazing places and at some of the most bizarre times. Don’t you think? There are things in this world that have come out of nowhere and taken my breath away and absolutely knocked me on my butt for their overwhelming brilliance. I love it when I have those experiences and I strive to make sure that I will never forget them, for those moments make me who I am. The “out of site out of mind” thing that people have is our downfall. I really have no desire to forget the beauty that I see around me or that smashes into me out of nowhere so I desperately try to make sure that I have a ways to assure myself of proper remembrance.

We have to remember that when we are actually confronted with any kind of wonder we can never let it pass us by. Don’t let it pass you even if it is seems to be a scary and daunting kind of beauty or the kind of beauty that is like something like a reminder of how to recall breathing again. Just be of good mind and grab hold of it, cherish it and imprint it into your mind so that it will remain a part of you.

In confronting beauty, I think that the most dangerous thing we as humans have developed is this “I must have it now” attitude. That is the moment when we come face to face with a very dangerous double edge sword. If and when we are graced enough to see such beauty and joy in front of us we have to make sure that we recognize it and yet we have to keep reminding ourselves that the discovery of true beauty must be a patient and reverent thing. Rather like taking the time to watch a blossom open, it cannot be rushed or it may not be there when truly desired.

Billie Myers - You Send Me Flying

- Billie Myers Lyrics

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