Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1 2009 Cont.

Listen well and know that you are hearing true beauty.

K D Lang, Hallelujah -

Today was a beautifully warm and sunny day. What a glorious way to greet 2009. I took a long and luxurious walk along the river bed to make sure that I could start the year off properly and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me every day.

We had an extremely fun filled New Years Eve. We partook of a movie fest, lovely food, large quantities of wine and laughter to welcome in 2009. At the stroke of midnight we watched the Fireworks as they illuminated all of Downtown's First Night activities.

There has been nothing but the most wondrous sunrises & sunsets for these last few weeks. I have found myself getting totally lost in the transitions of the colors as the moments pass. The mountains and desert floor reflects the rays and the colors shift and the images that I see defy any words that I can use. I find peace and a glimpse of the grand as I watch the sky grow or diminish as the sun makes its track across the sky.

I love to witness that passage of time, I love how it can open your mind, I find it astounding how time can heal even the deepest of wounds and let you view your surroundings with a renewed clarity.

I have picked up a book of poems by Sappho

Love is so strong a thing,

The very gods must yield,

When it is welded fast

With the unflinching truth.

Love is so frail a thing,
A word, a look, will kill.

Oh lovers, have a care

How ye do deal with love.

A ten-year totally GEEK-ified journey has come to a conclusion.
I have found Hawaii.

What the hell am I gonna do for the next 10 years.

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