Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday January 5th

I really hate that fact that I have a memory for detail.
I really do.
I remember almost everything and can recall conversations almost to the word.
I mean, if we had dinner ages ago I could probably tell you what you ate and had for desert as well as what you were wearing.

The shorthand version: I guess that this is a rant about being up front…if something ain’t gonna work out just be upfront and tell it like it is. Why is it that people think there is a need to be spared…when with the truth and a bit of discomfort in the beginning would make the end game all that much easier to bear. And I hate it when I know that I am being fed a line because I remember what was said verbatim.

I am known to be a very blunt and a very straightforward kind of person. My friends are very aware of the fact that you do not ask me a question if you do not want an honest answer. My friend Jilly has it right…”Anne, I need a cheerleader right now…I do not want your opinion…I need you to listen and just be here.” God I love it when a person gets it, can be up front and honest about what they want, what they need and not dance around the truth of the matter.

I got those priorities messed up in one arena of my life and I am bound and determined to NEVER let that happen again. I know that taking that first jump into a life of forthrightness is a leap of faith. I have found that almost everything can be understood with time and that for the most part (about 80-85%) people are very forgiving by nature.

To go to my favorite baseball analogy: The world forgave Darryl Strawberry his faults because he owned up to them….Pete Rose refused to admit that he was wrong and will never have his rightful place in the hall-of-fame.

Just get to it and do not waste your time or anyone else’s either. Life is way to short to ever hear the voice in your head telling you…What if…Why didn’t I…Only if…I should have…and so on…

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