Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday January 13


I have been working at my bench for the last few weeks trying to make sure that I am ready for the scariest show I think that I have ever participated in. Starting on February 4th I will be exhibiting at the Whole Bead Show during the Tucson Gem & Mineral Event. The artists in this room are some of the best in our business and I just want to not embarrass myself. I just look at all of the stuff that I have here and I keep hoping that it will be well received. I know that I am doing fairly well here because my bench looks like a storm blew through and left everything in a huge heap. I keep putting things back in their place but they just keep landing back in piles of tools.

My storm wracked bench...I must be getting work done I am just sure it it!

It is only days away from my friends all showing up and seeing people that I have not seen in months. It is such a great time to be here. There is not the usual hustle of getting in and out of town for a show, we are all here for over a week and there is a luxury to knowing that there is time for real visits.

A bunch of us have a dinner/cookout planned here at the house near the end of the show and it will be so wonderful to have my house full to busting with my friends, knowing what fun will be in store for us all. There are few things in this world that give me greater pleasure than having my house filled with people that I love to hang around with. I do have 2 of my favorite people staying with me during the show and I am just to ready to see them both.

I am sitting here looking at the pile of contracts that I have to sign for the shows that I am teaching at this year. I am usually not such a procrastinator but I have been looking at this pile for well over a week. I tell myself every morning that I will DO THIS TODAY. And as you can see, I am sitting here and posting this instead of getting my office work done. And, furthermore, if I do not get my website updated TODAY, I will know that I will be very disappointed in myself.

What an interesting start to 2009. We are only days away from our biggest new beginning. I remember standing in my booth in Oakland just days after the elections and watching the lightened sense of optimism throughout the showroom floor. I sat with friends at dinners and we talked about how good it felt to know the end of this nightmare was so close to being over. The feeling was so contagious; it felt so wonderful to be around people that were so proud of what they had done.

I watched GWB’s last press conference yesterday and I was absolutely blown away by the overwhelming obtuse world that this man lives in. I cannot believe that he actually believes the words that are spewing forth. He actually defended his administrations response to Hurricane Katrina. If I had been in the room it would have been more than a shoe.

I have an entirely different thread of thought that I will post later today. I need to get to the tasks at hand…Contracts and Web Site Updates.. It will be done today…it has to be!

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