Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday June 3rd.

Wow! Today rocked. I cannot even tell you all how AMAZING the pieces that everyone did. My favorite way of explaining all the accomplishment is in the following way. Look at what you have learned to do in the last 48 hours. I have been doing this for almost 10 year and in comparison you have been doing this for 10 minutes, YOU ALL ROCK! I could not be more impressed! Really!

Everyone walked away with completed pendants and chains and findings and all sorts of excellent items that they can take and create even better things from!
Well Done Ladies! You have my admiration!!!!!

Gail Crosman Moore & Michelle Goldstein are in and Gail was teaching today so we had a wonderful dinner together and did the catching up stuff that is required for not having seen each other in months. It really is amazing that life goes on even when these people are not in our view of consciousness. How can that happen!!!!!

I so remember the EXACT moment that I realized that the world existed beyond the scope of my reality and my little world. I was 8 and my family was in Washington DC for vacation. Our hotel had a view out the window of the highway. As I was getting ready for bed I saw a big-rig truck drive by, he had his interior light on and I could see every detail of his face. He was a blond young man, had on a plaid shirt and was talking on the CB Radio. He drove a Red Perterbilt Bad-Ass truck.

It was at that moment that I realized that I knew this man existed and had an entire life in this world and yet he had no clue that I did. My biggest thought was that I realized that he had friends and had gone to kindergarten and I had hoped that he had as good of a kindergarten teacher as I had had! That moment was the moment in my life that I understood that there was a world out there that had no idea that I was even in it and the scope of the world did not revolve around me!

I love that these wonderful people ebb and flow in my life, that we take the time to catch up and to have a nice meal and to spend time to get re-acquainted! What a life that we all get to have. As soon as the show is over we are all talking about how much we can’t wait till next year! Right now I can’t believe that I have just finished teaching a 3-day workshop. I have been here for 4 day already! WHA?

I want to thank all of the great ladies that were in this workshop. What a joy these past 3 days have been! It has been an honor to have had you in class these 3 days.

I am sorry about photos. I’ll do my best to get them up tomorrow morning! Dinner with Gail and Meesh had to take priority for this evening!

My 19-hour day happens tomorrow. I teach from 8 to 11; Noon till 3; 4 till 7 and meet the teachers is from 8 till 11. I get up at 5:30 am and will get to bed by 1am by the time I get all of the stuff returned to the classroom and wind down. Wish me luck! After that it is all downhill from there!

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