Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday June 17th

Heat; Heat; Heat - Today it will be 110º Right ON!
Work; Work; Work – NON-STOP!
Taking a cue from Jean Yates: Snap out of it Anne! There is work to be done!

Well that sums it up. I have a great many tasks at hand. I need to be a bit more focused than I have been and today is the day for that. I have a great deal to get done and I am quickly running out of time to get all of these task finished.

I have orders to ship, class kits to prepare, articles to write, book outlines to finish, a DVD to make and I have to get next years classes to finish. It is gonna be a long summer!

I keep getting really great photos from people that were at the show.

This is one of Joe Butcher & I. Joe and Debbie are 2 of the sweetest folks and I love having Joe in class. He is a real good sport, not only is he one of the few guys that take classes he has taken several classes with me and I like to tease him just a bit.

I got this one from Cris; this is my first night in Iowa City. I was in the house for whole five minutes and I made a beeline for what turned out to be Paul’s chair. As you can see I made myself right at home. I was bummed to find out that he was going to be out of town as I was on my way to the show but in retrospect I guess it was a good thing that he did not have to evict my from his chair.

Holy Rusted Metal Batman!
I hate it when I am this stupid!

You think that you are doing the right thing; you think that you are on the right track and then you realize that it’s completely wrong and that it has been a complete waste of time and energy. These realizations can be a real bummer. Grrrrrrr! I hate being this wrong and I hate wasting portions of my life that I will never get back. Well, all we can do is look toward the future and start the process over again. Maybe the next time I can be smarter and get it right. Cryptic enough? I am sure! But really, this it is all about the process! It is all about learning from the mistakes that you make not only in work but could even be about the mistakes you make in your everyday life. This past week has been a very frustrating one, I have tried over and over again to get several important tasks right and or righted and I keep failing! I am not one that takes failures well. I can be extremely stubborn and at the same time hopeful, but in my Best Inigo Montoya voice possible;

“I am starting to loosing confidence” on the hopeful aspect. I guess it should not take a genius to figure out when it is time to just start over from scratch and see what new prospects come from the effort.

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