Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday June 21st.

It was a hot and very beautiful day today. I worked in the back yard for several hours before I had to rinse off the grunge in and dive in the pool to cool off. It got up to 109ยบ this afternoon. The clouds were HUGE this afternoon. I mean, big fluffy and HUGE! Even with the heat you could sense the coolness in the breeze approaching and the faint smell of water.

I am writing up a storm this evening!
Head Down and Keep Your Eyes on the Finish Line!
I keep looking for the Checkered Flag!
That is all I can do at this time!

I went to the theatre last evening to see a production of Tennessee Williams “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” It is such an easy show to over do, Williams’ dialog lends itself to that. I do not necessarily have such a hard time dealing with directorial choices but I do have a VERY hard time dealing with crappy continuity issues. The ones that come to the forefront of my mind is the fact that a VERY RICH woman puts on elastic bound bracelets and pierced earrings. Oh, it’s 1954! Women wore clip-ons and no wealthy southern belle would be caught dead wearing a bracelet strung with elastic. Those are the two that are still bugging me. The rest, like the paper Chinese lanterns in the Deep South, I can kind of forgive!

The acting was fine; the best performance was that of Big Daddy! He stole the show!

I do love this show and we did a production of it when I was in college.
Our opening night was the day that Tennessee Williams died.
He was in the theatre that night, I swear he was and he did not like what we did to his play!

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