Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Night Monday Morning June 7/8

WOW! It is done! The mini is packed up and I am ready to get on the road.

It was a jammed packed ending to a really amazing week. Amazing in more than just a few days. Saturday’s classes went wonderfully, about half way through the morning session I began to loose my voice. I suddenly sounded like Alfalfa from Our Gang’s Little Rascals. It was not much better today.

The major excitement was when security for the Midwest Convention Center placed everyone in “Lock Down” for 45 minutes due to the tornado warning. It touched down 3 miles from us. I was locked in my classroom with several of my students and all of the show attendees were kept on the show floor for

The most wonderful part of the day was when I ran into Elizabeth Bartky in the skyway. I have been out of contact with her husband Scott for a number of months and I was very bummed about it. As it turns out, Scott’s Spam Filter was blocking my emails. I am pleased to say that we have traded several emails over the past days and I could not be more pleased. He is one of the most special people that I have ever met.

It was sad to see Gail, Cris and Paul leave for the day. It is a bittersweet thing to see the end of the show approach. As always, I want the show to start up all over again as soon as it is over. But I am tired and I want to bake for a day or so at home before I have to dive in to start getting ready for the next adventure!

Dinner was a real silly experience. Karen, Stacey and I were to hook up with Donna Mehnert and between the raging waters of the massive storm and mixed communications, we kept missing each other all evening. So Stacey, Karen and I had a beautiful Italian meal at the Calderone Club and then had a bit if desert in the rotating restaurant in the Hilton. I crashed and burned early and slept like the dead till a raging thunder storm woke me just in time to get up and head to my 11th and final class.

After my final class today I got the room all packed up and all in the mini van with so much extra room. What relief. I had a nice quite dinner with the most excellent Susan Nestor and again watched as another huge storm front passed through the downtown Milwaukee area. I am ready for a nice long sleep and I will get in the road after I sleep in a bit.

I had a great week and saw so many people and got to spend some quality time with some very dear friends. I promised all of them that I would drive safely home. I miss my own bed and I miss my girlss big time! I look forward to seeing AZ and to warm up my bones!

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