Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday June 6th.

Eight Classes down and 3 to go!

So, how do I explain Wednesday? My day starts off at 5:45am. I get out the door to the lobby Starbucks for my Thermos of coffee and I am off to my first class of the day. I get to my classroom by 6:30 and I get tot teach from 8am to 11pm, 12pm to 3pm and 4pm to 7pm. I then have one hour to pack up my display table and get to the other end of the convention hall so I can set up my display table once again for a 8pm to 11pm “Meet the Teachers” Frenzy. Well, I have to say that it is really wonderful to see everyone and the fact that I sold one of my pieces to an artist that I really admire was a real honor.

Now I do have to back track just a bit. I had just spent 3 wonderful glorious days teaching a class of 14 in a very casual and informal atmosphere. “Hey, I am going to do a demo in about 20 minutes, please be at a stopping point by then. I started teaching on Wednesday and I was talking in a very slow and deliberate manner when the realization hit me that I had to get these people out of here in 3 hours. What the HELL? I felt that I needed to take an extra hit of espresso to make sure that these students got their monies worth. I felt like the evil neighbor lady on the bike in the “Wizard of Oz” as she bikes frantically along. (Hear that music in your head?)

I did have a great day Wednesday! I got to see everyone and I got to stay up for 20 hours. It is really my only extremely hard day!

My Horoscopes continue to humor me this year in so many ways! So,

I LOVE THESE! It took a great deal of restraint not to just go and stir up some trouble just because I kind of felt that I got permission. LOL!!!

My Horoscope for June 6th.
Today you will benefit more from conflicts and challenges than you will from collaboration and agreement. So don’t worry if you feel like making some waves. Your contrary attitude is just what you need to make the most out of this unusual day. Enjoy any turmoil that you may come across, and add your voice to the fray. You certainly should not create arguments just for that sake of it, but you shouldn’t be overly afraid of getting people miffed about what you have to say.

My Onion Horoscope for June 5-11

Despite frantic efforts to retrieve it, your antipsychotic medication will be swept away by a shrieking river of LAVA once again this week.

Thursdays classes were fun with a session of Low Tech™ Fine Silver Findings and a very funny session of chain making with the Single and Double Flower chain. Then is ended up with a some serous wandering around the show floor for Preview Night. Now that was the most interesting night that I have had in a very long time. Really! There was a great many friends that needed to be seen and hugged and well you know the rest of the drill.

Fridays 2 classes were a great deal of fun as well. It was a bit of an easier day teaching wise. I did not have a class where I played with fire. Viking Knit class is always a class where I have to run around alot but I ended my day teaching with an excellent group of students taking the Full Persian Variation. They did such a great job that by the end of the class we were on line reading out all of our daily horoscopes and laughing at how humorous they all were to us in our own ways. I know mine was.

We did have a few tense moments, the tornado alarms went off and there was a tornado that skirted to southern edge of Milwaukee and went out into the lake. I have not had a chance to get to the news to see if there was any local damage. But I will say that the weather here this year has been a bit crazy.

I was supposed to go see the comedian Wanda Sykes evening with Kathy Johnson and a few of her friends and I actually had to beg out of the evening. I hit the biggest wall about 6pm and I knew that I was not going to recover to go out and see a show that started at 9pm. I was so looking forward to spending a few hours with Kathy and laughing my head off. I had an early dinner with a few of my nearest and dearest and then I went out for a cocktail and now I am ready to fall over!!!

I stayed up a bit later than I had anticipated. I have to go to bed to be ready for an AM session of Viking Knit and an afternoon session of Low Tech™ Fine Silver Findings! It is going to be a hard day because they are 2 very demanding classes that require me to really be on my game.

It has been a week of great fun and laughter mixed in with a few days of being very saddened all at the same time. I am grateful that I have had my friends around me and I just want them to know that I love each and everyone of them.

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