Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday June 19th.

The concert last night was excellent. I did not realize that I was actually a real fan of Brandi Carlile. I knew her music but did not realize that it was her singing! What a pleasant surprise! She opened for the Indigo Girls and it was awesome. She has these twin dudes that play guitar for her, they were so cute, and a barefooted cello player. What a beautiful voice that she has and she closed her set with a beautiful solo of Hallelujah. Most intense!

On came the gals! Amy and Emily have been favorites of mine since their first album. They played for over 2 hours and instead of just having the two of them playing they added a keyboard playing accordionist into the mix. And to say that she rocked would be a gross understatement; it added a great deal of depth to their sound. But the best part is that they had Brandi join them on at least 8 to 10 songs and both groups came out for the final 3 songs and a portion of the encore.

The addition of Brandi’s voice to Emily and Amy’s harmonies was an inspired choice and she seemed to be having a really great time. When she was on stage and waiting to sing these amazing harmonies that they all came up with she would be singing/mouthing the words of the songs along with either of the girls away from the microphone.

Working away today! I am getting all of the orders in for Pudget Sound and am glad to say that 2 of my classes are beyond sold out. The 2+2 Vertebrae Variant chain class has seats left. Sign up soon, it is a great class and I promise a really fun time.

HEY! I just go the most excellent news that I will be teaching for Interweaves Bead Fest Santa Fe show in March of ’09. It is a brand new facility that everyone is very excited about it. I had a brainstorm of an idea of how to break down the Low-Tech™ class into separate and distinct sessions. Each class is a complete class but if you take all three you will walk away from the show with a completed piece. So, there is a ½ day findings class, a ½ day chains class and finally a full day pendant making class! Take anyone or all three classes. I thought I was very SMRT. We shall see.

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