Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March 27th

So yesterday got away from me in a big way. I got a good portion of the weeding in the back yard done and will do more today... maybe. But I had a really GREAT idea for setting a glass disk bead the other day and I have been letting the idea percolate (like I do) and I think I have it all worked out so I am actually very jazzed about sitting down at my bench today and actualizing this notion. I am pleased to be working with an artist that has some very concrete thoughts about what she wants to see and I just hope that my ideas meet the challenge.

Now for the humorous part of my yesterday!

Last night I was watching Keith Olbermann and was laughing out loud about his Top 5 List…
I was so very pleased to be informed that New Mexico seems to love a good state song. Not only does it have a State Song, an official Spanish Language Song, an Official State Ballad and an Official Bilingual Song it now has an Official Cowboy Song.

Well Done New Mexico...

1. State Song: "O Fair New Mexico" - Elizabeth Garrett - 1917
2. Spanish Language Song: "Asi Es Nuevo Mexico," - Amadeo Lucerov - 1971
3. State Ballad, "Land of Enchantment" - Michael Martin Murphey - 1989
4. Bilingual State Song: "Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico" - Pablo Mares - 2004

5. The Official Cowboy Song - "Under the New Mexico Skies" Syd Masters 2009

So instead of showing you the nasty state incest of New Mexico (A WASP) I have chosen to share the states Flower & Bird. Much more appealing don’t you think?

The State Flower - Yucca

State Bird - Road Runner

And finally:
I was given a task of including the word UBIQUITOUS as part of my post yesterday. It was used in a sentence that I had to stop the conversation and ask… definition please! So since I did let yesterday slip a way from me I have decided to let the word ubiquitous, show up ubiquitously in this small portion of my post.

ubiquitous |yoōˈbikwətəs|
present, appearing, or found everywhere: his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family | cowboy hats are ubiquitous among the male singers.

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