Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday March 25th

Spring is almost here this year. The way that I can tell is that the water coming out of the tap is not cold anymore. It is cool but not cold and actually comes out of the tap rather warm. I’ll know for sure when summer arrives when the tap water will be all but undrinkable due to the relative warmth of the water. I love to look out my front door, look at the cactus in my front yard and see them blooming. My cacti have the most beautiful colored flowers that are in bloom or are ready to bloom.

There is such joy with spring, the dream of rejuvenation and rebirth. It takes on an interesting quality here with the desert as it bursts with such amazing color and for such a brief moment in time. I am embracing my spring this year; it has a beautiful quality for me, a sense of the possible and of the wonder of life’s offerings. I approach it with reverence and yet with a childish sense of awe and wonder as I can see the infinite variables and possibilities that I are being laid out before me and I am grateful for them.

I know that I have not been posting political views since the elections in November and the Inauguration in January but today I was so pleased to read today that the House of Representatives passed a bill securing over 2 million aches of lush wilderness lands. These lands are in several states and are adjacent to some of them most beautiful parks and wildlife preserves in our nation. This action is in direct contradiction to the previous administrations directives towards our natural and protected lands. I am so very pleased that the choices are now being made to take care of our future. It is just another stroke towards turning back the last eight years of abusing our resources and making sure that future generations will be able to enjoy these treasures.

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