Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday March 21st

Here is your thought for the day to ponder on:

Even those people who believe everything in life is predetermined and preordained look both ways before crossing the street.

Since getting home on Tuesday evening I have pretty much been going non-stop. I did take Tuesday night off and went to sleep rather early but first ting on Wednesday morning I it was back to my daily routines and getting back into the swing of my life. It is rather a hard thing to do after a week and of days with not too many responsibilities. Just get up and sell my wares, teach a few classes and then have good food with friends and everything else that goes along with it.

It really is amazing all of the stuff I can pack into a rental car and the process of unpacking, inventorying, and re-packing for the next 2 shows took almost 2 full days. I am ALL set for the NCSB show that I am adding in April and then I can just quickly re-stock for my trip to Denver. The total was 19 office boxes full to the bursting. The thing that I actually LOVE to do is put my bench back together after I go out of town to teach. It always makes me want to get back to work. Just the jazzed feeling that I get from teaching gets me so in the mood to create.

So, in the 48 hours since getting back to Tucson I am ready for NCBS & Denver…I am going to get to work and make come more lower cost pieces in these next few weeks that sold like crazy at the Gem Show and see how those do in the Bay Area. I am also going to order more PMC-3 and make a few more pendants that I have floating around in my head.

Gail Crosman Moore & I are going to spend an extra day or so in the Bay Area after the NCSB show to have really excellent sushi @ Blowfish Sushi and 40 clove garlic chicken @ the Stinking Rose walk around San Francisco and maybe even spend a bit of time crawling around Otto Frei to see what extravagant tool can be had…

I had a bit of a snag the day before yesterday, I realized that sometime during my trip to New Mexico the pump for my pool stopped working. I scheduled a tech to come out and fix it and was rather nervous about the cost of maybe having to replace the entire motor. I was grateful that it was only a condenser diode that needed to be replaced. Can you believe that it was a $30 dollar part 15-minute repair call and a $125 repair bill? The bummer for me is that I have NO experience with these types of DC motors and it was a repair that I could have SO easily done myself in a matter of moments and the further bummer is that there is NOTHING that I can do to even test for this happening… it just will blow out every so often, at least I did not burn out the motor.

This is for U CL.
Lady Bugs...Lots &Lots of Lady Bugs

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