Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday March 24th

I did what has not been done in a very long time. I cleaned my house. Now the reason that I cleaned my house was because I have absolutely NO desire to do the really crappy job of weeding my sad, oh so very sad yard. But as of tomorrow I really have no excuse NOT to go out into the great expanse and start the tedious task of making my house presentable to those who happen to come by or are actually invited in for a visit.

I had a wonderful Saturday this past weekend. I have gotten acquainted with 2 local bead artists JC Harrell & Margaret Zinser. We got together via friends of friends on FaceBook and had a few interactions and another mutual friend actually got us all together for a breakfast about a month ago. Well to say that these 2 gals not only do excellent work they are also extremely funny and very fun to be around. Well they had an open house on Saturday and I stopped by. (Hey there was free mimosas…can you blame me ?) No, really I have wanted to see more of their work and to hang out for a bit and they really did put out a very nice spread and their work was excellent.

Later that evening we hooked up at a local glass house for their open house. Sonoran Glass Art Academy also had a very nice open house and 2 of the guys there were making beer steins that were being put up for auction to help raise money. I got outbid on this really excellent one but at least I helped start a little bit of a bidding war.

Sunday was a day of ½ cleaning the back of the house and bumming around chatting for what seemed like moments but was actually quite a bit of time. So I had a wonderful day on Sunday.

I have been watching the World Baseball Classic and have really enjoyed the entire experience. It is really a very exciting thing to see all of the other countries in the world participating in the game with such abandon. The Asian teams are so kick-ass, once again Japan takes the championship. It give me pause to say the phrase World Series for our fall classic and I love that the pro players are so supportive of the entire thing. I like that Derik Jeter and the entire USA team played so hard and that it meant something to them to represent our country and the entire baseball profession.

I was asked the other day when my love for the game started. It goes back to when I was a kid. My love for the game goes back to the early 70’s and The Big Red Machine. To this day I can name the 8 men on the regular rotation and even one or two of the pitchers. I will always remember my first fall in NYC, it was 1986 when that version of the Miracle Mets took the pennant and the World Series in such dramatic fashion against the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros.

I guess the other part of my childhood that also gave me such joy also seems to have revolved around interactions with my father. After church on Sundays we would watch The Avengers…you know…John Steed and Emma Peel...The Carol Burnett Show…The original Star Trek…all of those things are so ingrained as apart of my childhood they are intertwined with all of the loves from that part of my life.

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