Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday March 4th

So…I had a very disturbing discovery the other day and to say that I am confused and bewildered is an understatement. Several days ago I received change at Target for a purchase and I was handed a BRAND NEW QUARTER…It was a quarter for The District of Columbia dated 2009. THERE IS NOT SLOT FOR THIS QUARTER IN MY MAP. What am I to do? I spent 10 flipping years collecting the state quarters and placing them lovingly in the appropriate slot and NOW I am confronted with a quarter that has NO home. I mean, come on, the government included the Commonwealth of Virginia how come they could not include the District of Columbia. I just feel cheated in some way, like my 10 years of dedication were for naught.

Okay…I knew it…while grabbing the image to add to this post I was confronted with another series of disturbing facts, not only is the District of Columbia part of this debacle (There are 3 quarters for the District of Columbia) we are also adding the following quarters in 2009…with the release dates to be determined I might add!

* District of Columbia (3)

* The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (2)

* Guam (2)

* American Samoa (3)

* The United States Virgin Islands (3)

* The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (3)

I hope that they can come out with something for me to place these collector coins in or I might not be able to continue to function….HELP ME I am a in surreal quarter collecting nightmare.

The only thing that has taken the edge off of this gruesome discovery was the arrival of a gift from one of my students in Florida. She found and sent me a wooden rainbow cork wine stopper with the Arizona quarter embedded in the top...IT ROCKS and took the edge off for me.

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