Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday March 10th

I got into Santa Fe in 7 hours flat. It was a beautiful drive and the sunrise in the AZ desert as I drove east was so amazing. It is one of the reasons that I love to drive out so early. I like to see the day wake up and I just feel as though I am getting more accomplished if I can have miles and miles accomplished before the sun rises. People think I am crazy, like when I leave for B&B at 4am. If I do that I am through New Mexico by noon. That just does not suck and I just feel as though I am getting more done.

So, Sunday night there was an excellent dinner that consisted of sushi, sake & beer was had and then an absolutely delightful meandering stroll through the streets of Santa Fe. The huge brass doors of the St Francis Cathedral are well worth taking the time for an up close inspection and there is this very quaint small square, Casa Sena, which is quite delightful and plays music till very late into the evenings. The streets of Santa Fe are really quite deserted on a late Sunday night, what a lovely time to walk around.

I woke on Monday morning in SF to rain and snow…Can you believe that? I was rather shocked by that. A person who could qualify as a native of New Mexico informed me that these conditions are rather unusual. It seems that more of the same is on the way. I had dinner last evening at a wonderful Tapas restaurant in Canyon Road. There are some amazing galleries and lots of very excellent window-shopping. Monday could not have been a better day even if I had asked for one.

I have always called myself a Magpie…I can get very distracted by shiny things. Well while taking a nice stroll before dinner last night we were greeted to Canyon Road by the most beautiful bird I had seen in ages. This bird was a brilliant white and a black that was SO black that it was an iridescent blue. Neither of us knew what the name of the bird was and as I was searching the web for birds of New Mexico it kind of dawned on me that it just might be a Magpie. Here is the Black Billed Magpie that was hopping around and looking mighty beautiful.

It was super cold this morning and I am excited that all of my friends are arriving today. The 2 Gail’s, Cris, Meesh, Steph will all be here so very soon. That is if the weather holds out.

I spotted a post that my friend Michele Goldstein posted and I feel the real need to pass this one on. Please watch this amazingly very eloquent young lady makes a bunch of adults look really foolish. I was so impressed. Please pass this one on..

The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes

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