Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday April 8th

I love finding out these pieces of trivia. There are so many special things that happen everyday all over out world.

At dawn today, Jews around the world celebrated the Blessing of the Sun, an event that happens once every 28 years.
According to Jewish tradition, the sun was at the same spot in the sky when it rose Wednesday, as it was when the world was created.
The event occurs during the spring equinox, which occurs every 365¼ days. Once every 28 years, it occurs at dawn on a Wednesday (the fourth day of creation, based on Jewish beliefs), when Jews recite the blessing. According to Jewish beliefs, God created the sun, the moon and the stars as the fourth day began.

And today in Japan a flower festival call Hana Matsuri celebrates the birth of Buddah. The first event was held at Asuka-dera in 606. Japanese people pour ama-cha (a beverage prepared from a variety of hydrangea) on small Buddha statues decorated with flowers, as if they bathe a newborn baby.

Finally, there is something fascinating going on in our country right now and I could not be more pleased about this change of tone. In the last week not only did the Iowa courts state clearly that banning Same Sex Marriages was NOT okay it seems that the lawmakers in Vermont wanted to say to the GOP Governor that it was also NOT okay to ban Same Sex Marriages. Now it seems that the District of Columbia has also chosen to acknowledge the Same Sex Unions of the four states in our nation that allow them. The states that have chosen to support gay and lesbian couples in their choice to embrace a committed relationship: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa & now Vermont.

Many people were surprised by the Iowa vote: but as it was explained to me by a very dear friend who actually lives in Iowa, she was not at all taken aback. She pretty much said that she believes that most Iowans want everyone to live and let live.

New Hampshire and Maine are also considering bills that would also allow Same Sex Marriages. This would put New England in the center of a very hot topic.

But on another note, can you believe that I actually had to use the word allow? Why is it that people are so afraid of people simply loving enough to commit. I just do not understand why it is so frightening for people to accept that some people need to live an alternative life yet these people still hold some of the very same core values that they do. Have they ever considered that?

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