Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday April 11th

I really like to find the music that is used in commercials and hear the entire song. There was a new iPhone commercial and the song kind of resonated with me, so I dug around for a bit and here you are. It is amazing how just snip-it’s of these songs and find there way into your mind and the tunes just keep playing over and over till you are forced to find the entire song. These advertising people do a very good job of getting under your skin and using music to get you to pay attention and they seem to be getting to me a great deal lately.

I am a bit of a sap when it comes to words in music & I really can get sucked into the lyrics of really excellent songwriters… I do have my favorites and there are some that find more relevance during certain times in my life. I have been on a massive Tom Waits jag for several months now. It started in very early December of '08 when I saw that someone on FaceBook had tagged his page. I had many of his albums on my iPod but had not remembered to listen for a very long time. Well that prompted me to start listening to his amazing words again and I got totally immersed back into his world of rhyme and visions. He has brought much into my life over these months and for that I am ever so grateful.

One of the "funner" parts of the FB routine is Tom Waits Magical Trunk. You can send "gifts" to your friends and all of these gifts are clues to his music. The fun is endless and some of the images are really amusing and take a bit of digging around to get to the relevance that is linked in his music by the chosen images.

Are any of you ever Drunk on the Moon? I have been that way for several months now and I am totally relishing the experience.

(I actually to realize that "funner" is NOT a real word… bit it just seemed to fit there. Thanks for just accepting my "Anne Speak")

Friday was a day spent at my bench. I have finally started feeling well enough to really concentrate of doing some good work. It felt good to hammer and pound and fuse again and not screw it up. I have been trying to work for the last few days and JEEZY CREAZY, the crap that has been coming off of my bench has only been good enough for the scrap bin.

I am getting ready to leave town again. I take off on Wednesday for California. I am heading to a one-day show in Oakland on April 18th and then I am headed to Denver for a 2 day show the following weekend, April 25th & 26th. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by and say hello.

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